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Perhaps tender tone is not nike free run 2 mens enough touches around them

Posted Dec 04 2012 2:04am
"Attachment" is these days especially strong emotional attachment dressed figure, an encounter for some young mind. Such as chocolate bitter sweet, torn wrapping paper, however, you will find chocolate more exposed to the air is ugly, perhaps my wrapping paper is torn off so.No real friends, only permanent interests, "which is the motto womens nike free run 3 of the loners, I have some of them similar. I remember the desk paste, white bookmark paper crooked read, "even if not test the Fifth, efforts will not end, after all, to dream in that side of the world". Only be regarded as a dream, do not rely on the dream, the dream of immature. Then gently torn off after an examination, not force, fear will tear the pain in my heart.

Drinking strong coffee in those days, the phone than computer familiar, eating all kinds of junk food, done pesky math problems, habitually find someone to jump the queue in the cafeteria, wandering aimlessly in the street.Perhaps tender tone is not nike free run 2 mens enough touches around them. Just a touch of Mononoawale in silent joy, even rush to the write down one by one. "You" is the second person, "he" is a third-person, third person becomes the second person familiar with delight, becomes the third person and the second person is strange indifference."Youth can be proud of when, although proud of it," he did not receive "When you fall in love with a certain person dead set on when you will find that they can not be proud" It's trivial to write later on their own greeting cards. Sunset to figure pulled long, put it in the mailbox.
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