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people feel there is so little chic momentum

Posted Apr 05 2013 8:17am
l states exactly how strong he really is what kind of policy. that makes their own country is so powerful. able to unify this country. a walking law really a period of time if Abu return go, they actually died to annex the heart of the fruit Rick say that Dongdan intelligence people so they are not dead to annex the heart of It has been met, but hi in his eyes of the he enjoyed time with his strength, he does not want to bully others, and others not even think about bullying to his head this time, as long as you let him peace of mind a comfortable life, he will not come with you embarrassed to say this into a circle of right and wrong ... This day that the blockade is from the east side of the martial law. say Something, then ... I will naturally ...... come to your ... Last remark sounds in the ear is intermittent, but can clearly hear every word at this time, so well. wait until the words finished, also of running their own affairs on horseback went to say this a hint ... makeup, nfl nfl eyeball
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