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ontent on the concert will not only Beijing work song

Posted Dec 10 2012 3:32am
The ancient lane. Talk about "novel" environmental performance, "four dancer from Hong Kong to local eight dancer, will go to nanning to focus on the protection of

cultural relics golden lion lane, use it as a solid performance space, with the dance story about the city nike air max shoes for sale    all men are mortal story, activate the traditional culture

and contemporary art" resonance ". Dancers popular way of modern dance is also very interesting, a lot of performances are free. For example, you as long as in the

golden lion lane on the day of the show, with lens capture 12 dancer form, then the picture upload to micro bo, it is possible to obtain the next "M event" ticket.

12 August afternoon "dance ten years of" special photography ", the reporter sees stage, dancers repeatedly staged "where to go", "ice", "looking for YueYaQuan",

"coffee taste", "the scarecrow", "mirror · mirror", "can't stop steps" and so on ten years of guangxi modern representative works. Each program clearance, stage

lighting will be clear, the host will this period of time to the audience. The dancers in the show, the audience people.the and honest communication, also reveals his


December 7th night, Beijing Opera art vocational college to complete the ShuiNiuEr - Beijing folk music custom picture scroll, (2) the concert is in the hospital

PaiYanChang held premiere. Beijing cheap nike air max 2012 mens   bureau of culture, each area county cultural centers related leadership and national music, folk custom, not left in the fields of

the experts and scholars to watch the performance.

The ShuiNiuEr - Beijing folk music custom picture scroll "(2) is the 2010" ShuiNiuEr - Beijing folk music custom picture scroll "concert after successful Beijing Opera

art vocational college and a force. The concert lasted the ShuiNiuEr "series of traditional performance, continue to sorting, explore, protect and inherit Beijing folk

songs, and on the basis of the original performance innovations. In the content on the concert will not only Beijing work song, children's songs, such as their shouts

material further music is changed, scene change, more in the arrangement and join the Anti-Japanese War songs related Beijing folk elements. In the choreography, the

first will be used in the drama TaiPingGu layout to singing and dancing, and use the "play HuaGun", "rattle stick dance" and so on the traditional singing and dancing

form, highlight the retention, inherit and spread folk folk creation aim. Stage design, concert is joined the cheap nike air max 2011 mens   paper-cut picture, the Great Wall, Marco Polo bridge

lions, and Beijing special elements related to the stage, from the vision to build the local conditions and customs of old Beijing.
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