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Ondine's Curse - Rare form of sleep apenea

Posted Mar 04 2012 7:12am

So I happened upon this Wikipedia article about Ondine's Curse , also called congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS) which is a respiratory disorder that is fatal if untreated due to the person with he curse having a respiratory arrest while sleeping.  This is a central sleep apnea which is congenital by nature but can occur from a head injury, this can occur in 1 in 200,000 people born so it is quite rare, according the information in 2006 there were only 200 known cases at the time in the USA.  What I overall understand about OnDine's Curse is that basically you body loses the involuntary ability to breathe so you only can breathe when conscious and most people to survive get a tracheotomy and use a ventilator at night to breathe.

Here is a article about a girl who has this issue, it's interesting.

As respiratory therapist I figured this would be something interesting to find out about and just have a background knowledge of to make us better in our jobs even though the odds are against us at dealing with a patient with Odine's Curse, but it's always better to learn something new.

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