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On Asia and Friends and Air

Posted Jun 21 2010 8:28pm

My long-time friend just got back from a 5 month trip to Europe and Asia. What a free spirit she is, I admire that. I can’t imagine taking such a solo adventure. On Saturday night I went to her house, we sat on her bed and talked for 5 hours about our lives. While recounting her Asian experience, she brought up the subject of breathing quite a few times, considering she is a healthy lung girl.

Of Tibet, which is also known as the roof of the world (at 3500 m -I looked it up) she said she was winded all the time. She incredulously described the feeling of walking on a flat road and feeling like you’re about to fall over. It makes my toes curl to imagine myself there.

And then there was China, and the China cough. She was there for a month and described a phlegmy but sharp, uncontrollable cough. Twilight all the time, apparently. Can you imagine that much smog? How did none of the athletes in the 2008 Olympics not fall over?

And apparently Nepal made everything better.

I enjoy such nice air all the time, I am a lucky girl!

Also, I think I’ve caught the travel bug from this reunion. I don’t think I’m meant to go travelling just yet, but it’s nice to daydream.

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