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Note to Self:

Posted Aug 03 2008 7:07pm

When in the Nuclear Medicine Laboratory administering a radioactive nebulizer through a ventilator to prepare for a V-Q scan, exercise caution. When the O2 line pops off of the radioactive neb, do not–repeat, do not–plug the leak of radioactive fluid with your finger. It may stop the flow of luquid, but it will cover your hand in radioactive liquid, which is Not Neccesarily A Good Idea.

Should you do this, the nuclear medicine technician will cheerfully scan your whole body with a geiger counter while helpfully making jokes about reading in the dark, meeting ET, and sprouting new and helpful limbs from inappropriate locations.

Of course it’s no big deal. The radioactive material in question is safe enough to be aerolized into the lungs. But it does give you an excellent story to tell.

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