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Not long after the start of the game in the second half

Posted Jan 29 2013 2:30am
Not long after the start of the game in the second half, Durrant received Perkins's Dunks hit three points, allow themselves to this field reaches more than 20 minutes, Durrant 20+ score 21 consecutive games.In the game in the second half, the Lakers continued anti-Thunder double-less first half at policy, Durrant and no past Wesbrook's attacking play that fast features.However, Durant is inadidas top ten hi sleek   section III, 4 minutes left of the game brought a penalty line the ball straight to kill storm ext buckle performances.Wesbrook section towards the end of the game cast himself in this field of the first record Trey, Wesbrook played some of his own in the third section the last paragraph characteristics, respectively, put on a break dunk (micro-blogging) and break-throw shots and Thunder team in the third section I get the Lakers at the end.

Headquarters, Bryant under the basket and Wei Shao pushed, Peter Pan to eat 1 technical foul.Next, Howard has been continuously blowing fouls, encountered foul trouble was ahead changed for them.But the Lakers did not has wrong-footed, Bryant free throws, breakthroughs and CIC cut down 7 points, Nash drop hits.Thunder is also firing wild, Durrant and third storm button single section becheap adidas js leopard cut down 10 points, Wei finally found touch less, hit a three points.Under the two duigong both teams score rise.Three wars, Lakers 75-75 draw t.Distal segment, the Lakers ' outside right away, mix and Chee in the WPI even two of three, two of them together and cut down 8 points, score fanchao.Durant, CIC and three minutes and scored 5 points alone, and regains lead.Then the Lakers gradually occupy the active, Bryant get 1 free plus a CIC assists, in contrast, little Wei he dunk (micro-blogging) not get committed.3 minutes before the end, she even 4 points less to narrow difference.Activision call of duty, Thunder in the continuous, Bryant Layup after they were sending assists, then hit the CIC, the Lakers leading by 7 points before the final 30 seconds, locking shengju.

After losing to the Lakers, Thunder and a gap between the Spurs winning only half, Western boss's position precarious.This season, Thunder strive to win the regular season top of the League is determined to see, because they are directed at the finals, hope constantly can have final home advantage, as was reported on season one of xenophobia.Therefore, regular season is also very important to them.Thunder coach Scott-Brooks is not a very good mood after the game, he said that the Thunder key should be better on the ball at the last minute."Today, we are the Lakers beat, I don't want to judge them (the Lakers) changes, but today we are being defeated."Brooks said," but we are a good rebounding team, so we go back to watch a video about some details, we will be no problem.
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