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Naturopathy For Asthma Treatment

Posted Feb 03 2009 10:45pm 1 Comment

Naturopathy has been famous lately for treating many diseases, in order to reduce the use of pharmacies drugs. How naturopathy works? And why should we rely on this method rather than medical drugs that are already proven?

We have already knew that asthma medication such as corticosteroid and long acting bronchodillator do have negative side effect if taken in a long term. So, why don’t we start thinking about using what nature has provided us? Naturopathy is now one of the best choices to treat asthma, and if possible, to eliminate asthma and to regain your health. These are five basic principles of naturopathy, 

Using a natural healing power

Everything in this world, including our body, has the power to heal itself. Naturopathy uses this mechanism to maintain and regain health. All healing methods and cures must use the natural healing power.

Using non invasive ways

All complementary therapy within naturopathy choose invasive ways to minimize negative side effects and health risks for patient’s health and safety. The naturopathyst must give the best medicational help for each patient. They must have a judgement on which conditions must be taken care with naturopathy methods, and which one must be recommended to a more competent therapists or health providers. 

Find the cause

Every disease must have a cause. And that cause can come from certain life style, eating habits or patient’s certain habits. Naturopathyst will find first the real cause and eliminate the basic problem which has triggered the disease. 

Holistic healing

A thoroughly healing, which is known as holistic healing, is one of specific characters of naturopathy. Health or illness, both come from a complex interaction of genetics, physical condition, phsychological condition, eating habit, environment, and life style. Any naturopathic therapy must closely consider all those factors in order to provide a holistic healing for their patients. 

A prevention action

Naturopathy treatment will prevent a mild illness from growing into serious,   chronic, and degenerative one. Naturopathyst teaches their patients to the basic principles of healthy living in order to prevent illness. Asthma (and allergy) is a complex disease, but a good news for you who suffer from it, or have families of friends with it. You can treat your asthma with naturopathy. You can learn about many methods of natural cure for asthma, and choose the best one according to your needs. 

Do not let asthma control you, It’s YOU who must control your asthma!

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this was a very informative article lots of information. And also want to share about naturalhomecures for asthma. Asthma is a common chronic inflammation of the airways characterized by swelling and bronchospasm. The inflammation leads to narrowing of the bronchial tubes, either totally or partially. The result is difficulty in breathing (dyspnea).When the bronchial tubes are chronically inflamed, they tend to be more sensitive to allergens or irritants. For a lot of asthmatics who have grown sick and tired of steroids and their harmful side effects, it is but natural to seek relief from natural sources. This is where mangosteen comes into the picture and it’s quite likely that most asthmatics have already heard or have been taking this wonder fruit as a dietary supplement. However, the hype about the benefits offered by mangosteen to asthmatics is not mere hearsay. Mangosteen has grown in popularity among asthma sufferers because it delivers positive results without any accompanying adverse reactions. I hope some of your readers find this helpful. Thank you, Aubrey
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