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morning I heard my father say jordan retro 3 for sale snowing outside I hear, and ran to the window to look ah!

Posted Nov 29 2012 6:42am
The next morning, our bedroom even more than ever Ki late Le, we reluctantly opened his eyes. The bed I felt a gust of wind to pierce your skin. Our mouth trembling hands from the hot to the optimism, I look up at this sky. Dark sky, only a boat-like moon overload dark sky seems so pure, so bright, so natural. !After a child, the sky like spilled a bottle of black ink in general, as expected, you see, come to earth Ruqierzhi. Rain like a broken string of pearls, dripping down. Playing table tennis stage, immediately bounce back, want fireworks generally spread is so small raindrops constitute the clothes rain scene, seen jordan retro 6 for sale from afar. Like ten million silver dispersed down. In his sleep on the

morning I heard my father say jordan retro 3 for sale snowing outside.! I hear, and ran to the window to look, ah! Saw the vast expanse of whiteness between heaven and earth, the snowflakes swirl falling down from the sky like pulling up surrounded white tent, the earth immediately becomes snow. I can not help but think of a poem, "suddenly, such as spring night, Arcadia 10000 Pear Tree open" so beautiful!That snow white jade, it is the Temple faction under the small days will jade, or falling on the moon laurel leaves it? Snow is like a beautiful jade-green butterfly, like dance, such as drunk; Like overblow dandelion; similar floating flying ; like angel gratuitous white flowers; suddenly scattered suddenly
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