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Mobile power pack different batteries life is not the same

Posted Dec 28 2012 7:25am
Mobile power batteries generally use the lithium-ion battery, but performance varies, and the shape is totally not out, and the general specifications label also can not reflect. Let's start from the batteries, step by step, to explore the mysterious world of mobile power. Good power, the key batteries will have to see. Internal batteries of mobile power like the car's fuel tank and transmission system, to provide a steady stream of power, is responsible for the entire mobile power directly determine the good and bad of mobile power. Mobile power board can be seen as a control system, is mainly used to be responsible for power distribution and conversion 3.7V lithium batteries (or higher) voltage convert the standard 5V (or higher) voltage to is the charging device to provide power. With the popularity of various smart phones, tablet machines, more and more people find all kinds of digital products, especially the power of the phone itself has been unable to meet our needs in the day-to-day use of a life time, and the emergence of mobile power can be said solve this problem to some extent. So for those who do not come into contact with the mobile power consumers an array of mobile power going to choose? The main difference lies in the different electrolytes, wherein the liquid state lithium ion battery using a liquid electrolyte, the polymer lithium ion battery with a solid polymer electrolyte instead. Such polymers may be a "dry state", and may be a "colloidal", present, most polymer gel electrolyte. The lithium-ion battery, usb power pack depending on the electrolyte material used, can be divided into two categories of liquid lithium ion battery (LIB) and lithium ion polymer batteries (LIP). Both positive and negative material is the same, cathode materials for lithium cobalt oxide, nickel cobalt manganese and lithium iron phosphate material mobile power pack three kinds, is extremely negative graphite battery works basically the same.
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