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Memorial Day Weekend at Work...So Far So Good

Posted May 30 2010 1:03pm

Dificult-patient ....but then again, Ive not been in the ER so those therapists might beg to differ with me.

Last night was very pleasant.  Did have a couple of interesting things.

The first was a patient who was bellyaching so much to me and his nurse that his 95 year-old roommate, who'd had a much more invasive surgery, yelled through the curtain "Oh stop being a big pussy!" 

Yes, I laughed.  But I managed to get out of the room first.

The second is the age old RT question:  Why do general docs love Albuterol so much?  Had a patient who will be getting a Hospice consult on Tuesday because his heart is shot. Completely shot. Piling on fluid, yada yada yada.  Even THE PATIENT realizes, and was cranky, that we were doing breathing tx's on him, waking him up at night.  He said "It's not my lungs, you morons, why are you trying to run up my bill?"  I couldn't say "Well, you see sir, it's not us, as in Respiratory, it's the Hospitalists who seem to think that albuterol can cure pulmonary edema."

Can't tell the truth which was that I wouldn't have set up treatments on that A&T except I looked at the Hospitalist on the sticker and it was one who would come behind me and write for Q2 tx's because she does it every time.  So I sighed, took the pt's butt-chewing, and  spaced them out as far as I could get away with.

I'm not saying we know everything or that all doctors are stupid. I'm just saying that there are a lot of non-Pulmonologists who are in love with Albuterol and think doing something that does nothing is better than doing nothing.  I guess there can be a case made for that. Maybe.  But I'd rather not write for drugs that don't even give a placebo effect for the patient.

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