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May be in the rain the next day and my father womens nike air max 90 became ill Sent to the county hospital

Posted Nov 28 2012 7:22am
Streamer flies, the vicissitudes, to unconsciously father left us twelve years. In her spare time, although like graffiti text, but never mentioned his father few words. Not forgotten, but feel that fatherly love as a mountain, a pen will be as heavy as supremely important.That the late autumn of 2000, the weather was particularly the haze. Rain last quintals of rice harvested, the father was sitting on the bench, come up with a the copper elbow hookah ancestors passed down comfortably smoking. The micro bit stooped side image corner hanging old Lian knife covered with rust. Years of relentless nike air max 95 for men age a man and only fifty father is Liangbinbanbai to, the winds and frost eclipse wrinkles like field the deeply shallow furrows lined with his father on the forehead.

May be in the rain, the next day and my father womens nike air max 90 became ill. Sent to the county hospital, diagnostic results given by the doctor is nephritis late, accompanied by uremia, we hear the result, no doubt is a bolt from the blue, and definitely did not think the father was usually connected colds are rarely guilty of a disease just like a mountain down . The doctor said that this is a long-term sick from overwork.I looked at the the bed father gaunt sallow like the barren earth tones of the face, the blue veins absolutely shattered like old tree packing hand heart thrown waves of sorrow and grief.
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