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Mass production of Retina iPad mini2 will begin next month

Posted May 08 2013 7:49am

Although Apple announced at the WWDC Conference is not currently released product, but widely anticipated iPad mini may update 2 generations get Retina screen. But according to foreign news media noted that the iPad mini2 may not be the most short-lived iPad mini, Apple may update the iPad mini product line early next year.

Reports that iPad mini2 is more likely to be issued in early June this year, but Apple may also be delayed until September this year introduces new iPad mini2. New iPad Retina screen mini2 is expected to be used, but according to historical iPad3, Apple's iPad may then update the mini3, LTPS integration by new touch screen to save power and reduce costs.

Report predicted that Apple will at the beginning of next year, publish using LTPS screen iPad mini3. The processor of iPad mini3 was upgraded to provide adapted Retina screen performance.

Analysis indicates that iPhone and iPad Tablet PC product line product line, faced pressure from competitors quickly update products, Apple or update the product faster to respond to competition.

In 2010, the iPad's stunning debut shocked the whole world, has achieved great success in attracting numerous competitors scramble to imitate. People mimic iPad, launch their tablets at the same time, Apple launched the iPad mini, again stole the limelight in the Tablet market, and these cheap iPad mini cases are hot seller in the iPad accessories.

At first it was iPad mini doesn't think much of, which is an Apple under the forced launch of the product. But huge market demand and high sales proves that Apple iPad mini was again put on a chip. Taiwan the electronic times, latest reports said, like the iPad, iPad mini mimics the frenzy will be raised again.

Anonymous industry sources, the next time there will be so many new small form factor Tablet PC into the markets. According to the previous blast, we know Apple's second-generation iPad mini will be equipped with screens at the Retina level. Apple competitors certainly have an understanding about this information, it is learnt that they had started to develop a higher pixel density of the screen, to mini2 than Apple's iPad.

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today announced five of Apple's latest obtained design patents. Two of iPad-related, two associated with Apple's latest iPad mini. There is also a description of the iOS system "settings" user interface.

We learn that according to patent documents, which a design patent shall come from the hands of Apple's industrial design team, including Senior Vice President of Apple, as well as design boss Jonathan Ive (Jonathan), as well as Bartley Andre, Jody Akana, Daniel Coster, Daniele de Iuliis, and Evans Hankey, and Richard Howarth, and Duncan Kerr and other members. In addition, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs also took part in "iPad+iOS" and "iPad+ virtual keyboard" that two patented design.

According to foreign media reports, NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim recently noted that the fastest Apple LG Display Panel suppliers in the coming months begin mass production of the next-generation mini Retina Panel work.

Shim said, now we have Apple eager to distance relationship with Samsung, iPad mini Panel coupled with LGD has recently took over production work, so not hard to speculate that LGD will also be the main supplier of Retina iPad mini Panel.

In addition, Shim said the 7.9-inch Retina iPad mini screen resolutions up to 2048x1536. If converted to pixels, so it you see on the screen with the iPhone5 close 326 PPI pixel rendering effects. Shim believes that LGD Retina Panel mass production will be officially launched in June.

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