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major role in the supra skytop transformation of economic development

Posted Jan 24 2013 7:41am
The foundation of the cultural industry is rooted in the masses of the people, and its development depends largely on the consumer. How many guide, stimulate consumer awareness of people's spiritual culture, raising the cultural level of consumption, not only related to the development of the cultural industry, but also related to the cultural level of the whole society and improve the quality of spiritual life. Held a variety of cultural activities to raise public cultural taste, the formation of a healthy atmosphere of cultural consumption.Again, adhere to the concept of people-centered development of cultural industries, the most fundamental focus is to strive to improve the quality of people, and promote the supra s1w comprehensive development. Whether the essence of cultural undertakings and cultural industries are the production of cultural products should meet the needs of the people's spiritual and cultural life, must adhere to the social benefits to the highest standards.

Although they each have different characteristics and play a role in the way, but their ultimate goal is promoting the social and human development and enhancement. Evaluation of the cultural industry, under the premise of no adverse social impact, no doubt to the direct use of economic criteria to evaluate, mainly to see its gross domestic product (GDP), financial and taxation and contribution to social employment, in adjusting the industrial structure, major role in the supra skytop transformation of economic development mode on. However, the development of cultural industries and cultural construction of the fundamental building, the key is to comprehensively improve the quality of people, rich people's mental world, and to enhance their mental strength. Development of cultural industries must improve the quality of people's benefit, and not harmful, it is the most fundamental touchstone to test the development of cultural industries.
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