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Lungs lungs lungs

Posted Sep 15 2010 7:49pm

Well here I am one week into my fourth year. Wooohoo, so far so good. The theme of the semester seems to be seminar presentations; we have to give a number of talks on selected topics. Some of that ties into the research for my honours thesis, whereas in other classes we present mock research proposals, or even just critique a scientific paper. In other words, we’re into the good stuff.

I’ve got all my topics picked, and it just so happens that all of my presentations have to do with lung disease and genetics. And yet, if you can believe it, I am covering many diverse areas within that. Interested?

1. Pulmonary hypertension of the newborn

2. Gene expression in the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa with regards to cystic fibrosis infections

3. Genetic differences in response to asthma medications

4. Animal models for the detection of genes which may interact with and affect the causative gene of cystic fibrosis

I’ll try to post more about what I find out for you nerds after this semester. Can’t really write about it now lest I get accused of plagiarizing myself!

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