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Life cheap north face jackets jacket laws in Alabama

Posted Dec 29 2012 6:48am
Life jacket laws in the state of Alabama were created by the U.S cheap north face jacket for women. coast guard and are enforced by both the coast guard and the state and local authorities. These laws exist for your safety and if you do not abide by them you will be fined and in the that an accident occurs and results in the death of a member on your boat who was not wearing a life jacket when required to do so you will not only be fined but most likely will be serving time for manslaughter assuming the victim was an adult 18 years of age or older. In the event the victim was a child you will be charged with manslaughter, reckless endangerment and neglect which all add up to a long prison term. As the boat north face outlet owner you have to take the responsibility to and ensure the safety of all your passengers. Dozens of people drown every year as a result of not wearing a life jacket.The U.S. Coast Guard has set the standards for, four types of approved life jackets. As well as a list of regulations and laws for the state of Alabama. The four types of life jackets are type I, II, III and V. In the state of Alabama children eight years old and young must wear a life jacket regardless, of their swimming abilities.The type I life jacket is known as an offshore life jacket and are used as a flotation device if a person is unconscious in the water the life jacket will turn the person so that they are face up and do not drown while waiting for help to arrive.The type II life jacket is called the near shore vest and is most useful for individuals in calm water where a quick rescue is likely. Unlike the type I vest they do not have the ability to turn an unconscious person face up.The type III life jacket is an inflatable jacket and has sleeves if you are boating and the boat capsizes this is a good jacket to have. It's recommended for calm waters.The type V lift jacket is used mainly for water sports such as water skiing and white water rafting. This life jacket inflates automatically when you hit the water.Some of laws that pertain to life jacket use and boating include the following. A life jacket must be worn by all individuals on a boat within 800 feet of a dam or navigational lock.Most that are sixteen feet or longer must carry flotation devices such as a ring and floating cheap north face jackets seat cushions.Every boat must have a suitable life jacket for each person on the boat. Water safety is a serious matter and the laws and regulations should always be followed. 



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