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Learn mandarin Chinese online 1-on-1 with all mandarin online Chinese school

Posted Apr 23 2013 8:58am

All Mandarin is an online mandarin school created to reinvent the experience for learning Chinese language.   The online Mandarin school serves a large and rapidly growing global   market, initially targeting non-Chinese speaking learners worldwide.   Through live instruction with native Chinese speaking teachers and   multimedia learning materials, all provided over the Internet. All   Mandarin helps students learning Chinese in an more efficient way.

All Mandarin is your online solution to learning Chinese. Now you can truly learn Chinese anytime and anywhere, live on the Internet with our Chinese tutors.   Don‘t be fooled by tapes, books, or ‘interactive‘ study programs which   are just fancy software.

All Mandarin is a valuable platform for learning Chinese which can   increase individual and corporate study effectiveness, decrease study   costs, and enhance competitive advantage and learning quality. You can   set your own schedule for learning Chinese through online reservations with professional, native-speaking teachers   in a virtual classroom, offering a highly interactive study   environment. Our customized programs match speaking, listening, reading   and writing lesson plans to each learner‘s specific requirements   according to abilities, interests and professional background. You no   longer need to be force feed traditional teaching materials!

Why all Mandarin?

All Mandarin is the only company that can give you an excellent alternative to learn Mandarin Chinese that is not only better, but also more efficient in terms of cost, flexibility and learning methods.

You may need to improve your Mandarin for a job, school, traveling or   a promotion. Your online Mandarin lessons will be custom designed   specifically to meet your needs. Sign up for a free trial class and find   out how you can learn Mandarin online with All Mandarin.

Kids Chinese lessons

Prepare your children for their future with live Mandarin Chinese   classes via Skype with native Chinese speakers. Your children will learn   to speak Mandarin Chinese from the best teachers, without having to   leave home.

Our skilled teachers are experts at using online methods for teaching kids Chinese.   Our teachers have created a curriculum for young children to keep them   entertained and wanting to learn. We use age-appropriate pictures,   carefully selected grammar, and child-centered learning activities.

Your children may have a temporary or permanent lack of mobility and   cannot easily get to a school Chinese class. This is no problem with All   Mandarin as our Chinese tutors are right there on the computer screen   in front of the child, wherever they are.

Learning Chinese online with All Mandarin today!

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