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Last season Howard was with James and Kevin-Durant

Posted Feb 05 2013 7:14am
Last season, Howard was with James and Kevin-Durant Le Blanc-match of top players, but now he can be regarded as one of the best centers in the League--at most performances with 16.5 points and 11.9 rebounds, free throw percentage was only 49.6%.The Lakers expected Howard to help them compete for champion, and now their record was 22 WINS, 26, and eighth in the West, 3.5 victory gap.Why Howard's domination has fallen so much?Williams had twonike air max 2011 women's   reasons."I think the move to turmoil for the past 1.5 years with him."Williams said," I think it has a great influence to him.Then the second thing, he has had injuries.He was hurt last year, his back had been injured.I can prove, that impact on your confidence and playing great, so I think it is most important for two reasons.But I think once he restored to health, so they will start winning, people with a previous way to talk about Howard.

Gino Billy field this season are to contribute 12.5 points, 3.7 rebounds and 4.5 assists, shooting for 44.2%, Trey hits for 37.3%, although the score down to rookie season beyond the minimum, but versatile, he is still the catalyst Spurs substitute lineup.If Gino Billy can keep the present state, so he can play in a federal 2-3women's nike air force 1 low season is no problem.So now, everything seems to relate to Gino Billy is only focused on this season.It is clear that the injury was the main reason Gino Billy consider when decommissioning, but the ending for Spurs this season is equally important.We all know that the Spurs could not insist on much longer, so all of the answers, perhaps will be announced this summer.

Heat home Bobcat, battier offers storm buckle raised on-site reporters exclaimed, James two-6 shooting before 15 points in leading the heat to 47-43 lead 4 minutes to complete the first half.Second Festival hit, Ray-Allen jump shot hit, Muslim-Florence, CIC, battier get Wade (microblogging) passing complete storm buckles improving morale.Reviewing United States reporter jokingly said: "I think this game will be remembered, because we've seen battier dunk, how rare this is."Bobcat and expeditiously responded, resulting in lightning-Alan Henderson both foul, grab rebounds after Sessions in the jump shot does not Wade into fast forward bothering dribblers, heat lead just 1 minute.Thunder-miaochuan behind Allen sent in a quick attack, prefer bothering dribblers and turned into Norris-Cole.Rob Wade to dribble a ball instability nearly fall down, forced back jump shot hit No.Remove jumpers-Ge Denggan succeeding calls suspend heat quickly.
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