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Lao Zi's exalted position to defeat

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:45am
Lao Zi's exalted position to defeat, and during the three kingdoms, Liu Bei tossed the story is very similar?Mysterious degong from straw sandals started as dealers, and Guan Er John Taoyuan three swarm, after 30 years to fight Western Sichuan Foundation, but only fools II died, become eternal mockery than the dubbednike air max 90 sale   mercy; today's Lakers are so old hard lay the land of bath, small bath moments lost shirt.Tuliukupuqieke recalls feeling there silent tears, only after the dedication.

NBA scoring King battle fierce this season, Bryant, and Durrant are most likely to be candidates for the honor, also have Nick, Anthony, he also has a great opportunity.Bryant to top score of 30.1 points standings, 29 points followed by Anthony, Durrant innike air max bw womens 3rd place, 22 the gap between no more than 1.1.Judging from today's State, although did not reach half of the season, but Bryant has been showing weakness and lead, perhaps future scoring disputes are more likely to be between Durrant and Anthony.

As we all know, the Los Angeles Lakers has a very large number of fans in China, even there are many stars and prominent Chinese actress Li bingbing was one, Bryant is one of her idols.During today's match, Li bingbing appeared, Staples, and refuel for Bryant and the Lakers.When after 12 o'clock noon, Li bingbing, a micro-blogging, tells friends that she in the Republika Srpska to watch the Lakers and Thunder game, and Bryant refueling, "NBA Thunder on the Lakers!!Bryant refuel!!NO.24!"Then see micro-Bo Li bingbing, CCTV5 microblog and immediately forward of the micro-blog, and asked Li bingbing like Bryant.Soon, Li bingbing has replies, "this should not be a vision of pseudo-fan options?Sadly the stubble, blue eyes, elegant movement.Don't have any other choice?
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