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Lakers ' gap with rivals is a full range

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:46am
Lakers ' gap with rivals is a full range, from shooting to rebound, from Dunks to tackling, Lakers in most of the areas are losing.Praiseworthy is the only place Lakers free throws, 22 or 17 penalties, hit rate can reach 77.3%, little Howard, dragged down this data really improve a lot.But also because Howard, their free throw attempts than opponents, even Thunder 70% not hit, but their full court fined 28 times, conversion is higher than the number of hits the Lakers.Innike air max ltd cheap   recent years, Thunder growing up fast, the Lakers while power is weak, but also no less suffering in the face of the opponent, referred to above in February last year they had lost when the opponent so much.But to say to suffer, that result 2011-12 year of the playoffs, at that time coincided with the second round, Lakers 1-4 had been eliminated, first lost 29 points, lost by 16 points at the end, the end of the first two games for the Lakers was humiliated.But as the two were away, Lakers players, at least the eyes can not see the fans down, but only at home, the Lakers the past 18 years is not so bad.

Unfortunately, the Lakers ' performance is unsatisfactory.Bryant House-23 shooting, 28 points not enough to save the Lakers, eventually they 101-116 lost to Thunder, sufferednike air max tn for sale a 6 losing streak.In fact, Los Angeles Lakers never lacked stars fans, like Super fans, Oscar movie King Nicholson, the Lakers ' home games at a time, he will come to the scene to watch the game.But see the Lakers ' poor performance today, Nicholson was clearly angry, even exit in advance, no longer willing to look down.It is worth mentioning that, Li bingbing was half walked out after the end of competition, because she was disappointed by the Lakers ' poor performance, then the angry left, she could not bear to see again the Lakers were ravaged by thunder.

Lin Shuhao attack is generally, encountered when Huo Leidi tomorrow he has to play more aggressive, he made more rapid response opportunity to seek to lead the team.Rockets only long to play speed, their offense will have a better performance.Outside the three-point line, the rockets feel good today, only 27.3% three hits.They need an outside line, Parsons, and Delfino, and Morris, and Patterson (microblogging) are in an outside line to contribute to the team, they want to have more stable three-minute performance, this team's winning hope.On competition in rebounds, rockets to be more active, Arsic to give teams more rebounding help.
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