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Kobe Bryant and field three technical fouls on the verge of suspension Peter pan calm say can control

Posted Mar 02 2013 2:37am
Kobe Bryant has repeatedly said that he was not a very patient man. The lakers' western conference playoff race seat has reached the most crucial time, the rest of the 24 games, the lakers have to catch up with the west eighth three or so games is poor, and the row in front of the rockets, warriors and jazz no signs of slowing pace. Nike Air Max 360 Mens This natural let Bryant emotions become impatient up, after all, the playoffs is to old buss the best comfort. The lakers' schedule also caused them a lot of trouble. At Dallas, if not kobe Bryant play in the fourth quarter of magic, all five shots, including two incredible shooting, the lakers may be in Dallas will eat to defeat. Back to back the second game against the Denver nuggets have home, the lakers start from a completely fall leeward. In the first quarter, Bryant and started to manifest. The first day he only seven shots as a goal, and the lakers' defense in the Denver nuggets players eyes as if does not exist, they first quarter the lakers head scored 35 points. The second section of the situation has not improved, the Denver nuggets again scored 32 points, at the end of the half, the Denver nuggets lead has reached 13 points. The nuggets javier magee although often laughed at by shaq, but in the game, his blocks to the lakers really created a lot of trouble. He to kobe Bryant shots and make Thai · Lawson completed a fast break, help the Denver nuggets in midfield to make it before the 67-54. Go back to the dressing room ago, Bryant was the referee blew A technical foul - A. Nike Air Max 360 Womens"The technical foul will be cancelled. Kobe Bryant said after the game, "joey crawford (referee) don't understand the situation at that time, I and another the referee just a friendly conversation, crawford reaction some radical." In the last four games, Bryant had eaten to three technical fouls, this also let Bryant became the leader of alliance technical foul list. In fact, in the past few seasons, Bryant had for technical fouls and wander in the edge of the suspension, B. Maybe kobe Bryant's internal heat inspired the spirit, from the second half began, the lakers organization on the counter-attack. To the fourth quarter with 5 minutes, kobe's a jump shot will pull the score to 99-106, the lakers even saw a glimmer of hope. The end of the lakers is error, and the nuggets super sports ability. In the lakers' impending score, the Denver nuggets and then the fast back and hit a wave 7 - small high tide, completely ended the lakers hope. The lakers to a 108-119 lost the game. "You can't offset opponent's speed, especially when they are doing this kind of things very well." He said, "they are speed overwhelm us. Nike Air Max 24/7 They use a variety of offensive and defensive conversion, get a lot of easy scoring opportunities, keep to our pressure. And we can only difficulty in half look for opportunities, I think we probably only two points in fast-break points, and they have 33 points, it's crazy." Lose the game the lakers don't have time to depression, while the rest of the 24 games, they have 7 secondary in the face of one of the top eight opponent, in addition, they also face the eagle in the eastern part of this team. For the lakers, the rest of any one game can afford to lose. To lose the game, the lakers' emotions and didn't have too much influence. Kobe Bryant in the dressing room an interview expression relatively easy, he said, the lakers' state than before and have a lot of progress. And the whole game and penalty only hit 3 ball Howard also showed a certain optimistic. "We talked in the dressing room, we said to them is how through the mistakes get fast break opportunity, we can't let this happen again. Of course, we can't because tonight's defeat will lose confidence in yourself, the past 15 games we won 11 games, we must keep positive and unity, with another victory. Tonight is all star weekend for the first time after the defeat, we need to adjust on track." Howard said.Technical foul refers to give in court or the team bench team members in violation of sports moral behavior or violation behavior of punishment. Nike Trainer 1.3 Max Breathe According to NBA regulation, produce the following behavior should be a technical foul: 1. The speech disrespect; 2. The referee have physical contact; 3. To a dissatisfied with a public behavior; 4. Use against sexual language; 5. The coach without permission to enter the stadium, 6. Deliberate time or any unconnected to physical contact behavior; 7. Roar.
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