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KC Nelson-Atkins Museum: Fun with (and making fun of) Art

Posted Jul 02 2010 10:22am 1 Comment

You know you're in something special when the cafeteria looks like this:

IMG00184-20100626-1220 IMG00183-20100626-1207

First, the serious art. Then I get to make fun of the crap I hated!

The original pull was an Egyptian exhibit but we ended up staying for several hours and still didn't see everything. Can't wait to go back.


The first time I've seen a real honest-to-goodness mummy.  It's really cool until you think "Hey, there's a corpse in there!" then it gets a little surreal.

  IMG00170-20100626-1147 IMG00172-20100626-1152

Love the second pic, the wall of  ushabtis.  The ancient Egyptians carved them, believing that when the Pharaoh came back to life all these figurines would too and be there to serve him.  The interesting thing is that they're all different and there are hieroglyphics on each giving their names. So if you didn't like your worker bee job in your first life, too bad, you were still pinned to it in the next life.


Had never seen a real set of armor before, live and in person. It's pretty cool although I couldn't help but wonder how they dealt with the chafing problem. Shudder.

IMG00176-20100626-1158   IMG00175-20100626-1157  

And now for a little fun:  The jar on the left is a pharmacist's storage vessel for liquid medicines. It stands about 1 foot tall.  I'd like my next codeine cough syrup refill in that, please.

If you double click on the Madonna relief to make it bigger you can see that sculpted around the perimeter are all mannor of flora: leaves, lemons, limes, grapes...and cucumbers (?).  Hence, I renamed it "Madonna of the Pickle".


After leaving the European collections, we wandered over to the modern sections to view an exhibit of Edward Steichen fashion photography from the 20's and 30's.  Steichen basically changed the way fashion magazines present clothes. Before him, everything was done with soft lenses and very similar to portrait photography.  He turned it all on its ear by photographing models and clothes with theatrical lighting and crisp dramatic lines the way we're used to seeing it done now.  The collection was amazing.

On the walk back we stopped in various galleries along the way:


I liked this painting. Called "Double Waterfalls" it just appeals to me.  Keep in mind I have absolutely no education in modern art. I have not a clue what I'm looking at or why I'm supposed to enjoy it and I'm not sure I want to know what I'm looking at because I have an inbred stubborness that tells me that if I have to read a label to know what I'm seeing and how I should feel about it then the artist sucks.  But hey, that's just me.

So with's the suck parade:


The overlapping images of the upper portion were cool and made me want to look more to see what was there but the blue lights?  Seriously? WTF?

OMG, nobody told me a Star Trek exhibit was here!  A piece of the Borg ship! How cool! Wait? What? It's a treatise on the mechanization of society? Well that's just effin' boring. I liked it better as a piece of pop culture.


A canvas.  Painted black.  With a guard rail. Okay, gotta read the label on this piece of shit.  It's supposed to make me feel meditative because of the void....  Hmmm. Interesting. Well it did make me feel something but not meditative.  Mostly pissed off and annoyed that this piece of crap is taking up space on a wall in a museum and that whoever the "artist" is thinks he/she has presented anything of value to society.

But hey, that's just my meditative opinion. If you want to debate me I'll be on the back porch chugging down codeine cough syrup from my ewer while eating a pickle from Madonna and carving ushabtis to do my bidding in the next life. 


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That last painting you'er talking about, it has squares with different values of black. Im sure you saw it, I have seen it in person many times. It has the rail gaurd around it becuase if you stare at it long enough you stumble a bit. It was actually one of my favorite peices in the muesum. What a shame you dont feel the same. Anyways, great muesum. 
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