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Insider's View on an Asthma Attach Part 2

Posted Jun 18 2009 10:32pm

Pushed through and worked the first eight hours last night but had to leave work about 4am. All night my SpO2 was 91-92%, heart rate in the high 120's, was diaphoretic, my peak flows down 20% from normal, and was SOB. Worked anyway up until about 4am when after 2 mdi tx's that weren't working, my heart rate was then in the 130's, I was sweating through my bra, my SpO2 was 90%, and my peak flows were trending down to 30% down by the time I got home.

I debated going to the ER but I was so tired I just wanted to go home and neb, not sit in the freakin' ER waiting room for 4 hours to have one of my friends then hand me a neb, although eventually I would have gotten IV steroids, I'm sure.  But I'm already on oral steroids.  See my thinking here?

So I came home, got something cold to drink, put up my feet, turned the boob tube on, and nebbed 3 Xops with 20-30 minutes in between to judge efficacy which was trending for the better, and took all my meds including the antibiotics and prednisone about 5am.  Couldn't go to sleep until about 10am but when I woke up three hours later I did feel better.

My peak flows are back to only 10% down from normal.

The good news from last night was I was on the schedule to train in Peds and I wanted to push through. Renae was so helpful. We really covered a lot of material and had some really good kids to go over therapies with.  We signed off everything but the vent material and since we had no vent running... that's all I had left to do.

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