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In how to use mobile phones mobile power to protect the lithium-ion battery

Posted Jan 05 2013 6:15am
Phone mobile power battery charger security is also constant attention, however, more and more insecurity under the chaotic situation in the market of mobile power. Mobile Power must have: short circuit, overcharge, over-discharge protection, constant current, constant voltage, there should be a high-performance power management technology, then, we are in the use of mobile phone mobile power should how to protect the lithium-ion battery. ? Phone mobile power primary protection circuit is a dedicated circuit to detect the occurrence of unsafe conditions, and unsafe condition is detected, close the battery pack to avoid damage. Secondary protection circuit to prevent battery Insecurity continues to charge or discharge. Case phone mobile power battery charger the main protection circuit fails, the secondary protection circuit can be reset to provide back-up protection. Design and may increase the level of protection, such as chemical fuse, when the failure of the other levels of protection, chemical fuse can permanently close the battery pack. Dedicated security IC is typically used for primary protection circuit. Battery management IC is the ideal choice for phone mobile power battery charger secondary protection and stable protection circuit, which increase the cost of the solution because they are not listed outside. General phone mobile power supply manufacturer Universal input pin with powerful configuration capabilities, can be set and reset any possible fuel gauge conditions, this flexibility makes the fuel gauge to meet the complex security requirements must provide protection when using the lithium-ion battery function, overcharge or overheating can cause a fire or explosion. But often its protection circuit to prevent battery loss or degradation.
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