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Important Things To Do In An Asthma Attack

Posted Dec 28 2008 8:17pm

Asthma is probably a disease with many sides. In a mild side, asthma is a bunch of annoying symptoms such as coughing, stuffy nose, wheezing, and non-stop mucus production. However, in the severe side, asthma could turn into a life threatening situation, when somebody got an asthma attack.

During an asthma attack, a patient got lack of oxygen due to the contraction of his lungs. Without sufficient oxygen in the blood, the patient cannot think clearly of what he must do in the emergency situation. The difficult breathing will also cause the patient to get panic and scared. In this situation, the support from people around the scene is vital. That is why, it's important for us who have friends, families or colleagues who suffer from asthma, to learn many aspects of asthma, including the first aid of asthma attack.

Asthma attack is a frightening experience for an asthma patient. My mom got it, and I know how it feels to watch someone you love grasping for some air to breathe! You surely don't want to be in that situation without knowing what to do to help your loved ones. Be sure to learn about asthma attack, the first symptoms, when an asthma symptoms turn to a dangerous asthma attack, and what to do during it.

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