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I wasn't really in a raiding emotions at the begin of the night

Posted Mar 12 2013 3:00am

I never identify the element that we were so near. Soulbound was recognized on Apr 26 and on May 19 we killed the Lich Expert, after only 4 nightime of projects as a guild.

I wasn't really in a raiding emotions at the begin of the night, due to a due time frame for part-time job, and I was trying to media in a bit of details on every raid break or buffing interval. Not targeted plant wasn't targeted. On the excellent aspect, the group was doing well: we had enough sign-ups, our insufficient pally (who's been Kingslayer for 2 a few several weeks and I'm sure is fed up with the fight) created the decision to treat again, we had the right stability of classes?? so we went in, tried, approved away, tried, considered the container drop down with the Cost-effective details, healers travelling, DK getting transformed off in a Defile, tried some more and then we hit 20%?? 15%?? 11% OMG individuals gogogo?? 10% and panicked preacher who didn't know what happens there.

Vent pretty much improved with ??OMGOMG we did it!??, ??DON'T RELEASE!!!??, ??I can't believe this happened??, ??Fuck, I'm disconnecti-oh no, it's the cinematics?? and ??Meh, junk loot??. It took us 5 moments to get the most perfect existing for the remove taken, turned on the pc design and tada! Soulbound 1 ?C Lich Expert 0.

It seems very awesome to Buy details and be Kingslayers. We know we have a awesome group, we execute very well together, there's no dilemma, name getting in touch with or shouting on Vent?? and I'm beginning to relax now because we offered what we confident to the employees. The crazy element is?? that last try sensed easy. There was a bit of stress when I began to run oom, but it wasn't the most fast remove I've done by far.

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