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I must not be a waste of time certain valuable time injordan retro 5 for sale learning.

Posted Nov 30 2012 1:19am
I very cherish the time. Once, my school back home, put down schoolbag, flattered drank the milk, my grandmother told me to drink quickly, I spent quite a while to finish, I went to homework, write and go, stop- play. At this time, the time is ticking quietly walked. Five o'clock, and my favorite, "The Powerpuff Girls" and began to put, I think: Anyway, after a while you can also write it. So I turn out the lights on the relish looks a cartoon, a look to see six. If I do not watch cartoons, then I write the number of jobs? I am sure almost finished. Starting today, I must not be a waste of time, certain valuable time in jordan retro 5 for sale   learning.

Life is a blink of an eye on the past, mankind  cheap air yeezy 2 will never meet in this short span of life. And I more want to have a lot of time, because I was a caged bird, only know that every day learning, reading, so I want to see the scenery outside the embrace of Mother Earth, I want to be happy to play with, and I want to enjoy the warm sunshine. I thought If I have plenty of time, I have to fly to the blue sky, enjoying the beautiful scenery in the world. Spring, I want to see how the green grass drill out from the soil, in the end is what's in the sea of ??green; summer, I want to with partners to witness the day and gentle waves Tao calm sea to observe the sea is how to change ;
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