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I cough constantly,

Posted by Carol K. Facebook

I have asthma and am on symbicort and singulair. I cough constantly in the am. and especially in the evening after supper, like for 4 hours. coughing and clearing throat till i'm played out. What can I do? 
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Isn't Singulair and Symbicort the same type of Asthma medicine? I could definatly be wrong here, but I thought my friend takes Singulair and we had already discussed that it was the same as my Symbicort. In which case you would only be treating for the swollen bronchial tubes and not the rescue inhaler. Maybe you should talk with your doctor, it sounds like you might need a whole different type of medicine. I use the Symbicort and Albuterol, and I usually use th ealbuterol (my rescue inhaler) as soon as I feel the tightness in my chest when it is associated with the first cough. Seems to be most effective. I do still get that clearing of the throat which seems to be associated with the symbicort as that doesn't happen when I stopped with the symbicort. (ran out for 1 month) The doctor sugested that I rinse better (at least 4 times) every time I use the symbicort and it does seem to help, but it still happens usually later in the evening. But I would think that the constant cough would say that something isn't working correctly. You might also want to look at some sort of food allergy that might be annoying your asthma. Do you use a rescue inhaler when you start coughing?


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