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How to Find the Best Acer AS10D31 Battery Replacement for My Laptop?

Posted Oct 22 2013 10:03am

If your Acer AS10D31 battery has died and you are looking for a replacement for your laptop, buying the first laptop battery you come across or a cheap one from a store in your locality is a bad move. Consider the following steps for best results: first, you should outline the type of battery for Acer AS10D31 that you are looking for. Remove the damaged one from your laptop and check its particulars. Its model and part numbers, for instance, can help you to choose a replacement that is compatible with your AS10D31 laptop. You should also not its capacity and voltage. They are a factor of how long the battery will power your laptop, and thus, how optimal it will work, while running on battery charge. Finally, choose your preferred chemistry. Although Acer AS10D31 batteries made of nickel metal hydride power cells are still available in the market, limit your options to those made of the lithium ion material. They have a high-capacity, last long, and are generally low maintenance than their nickel metal hydride counterparts are.


After you have outlined the particulars of the Acer AS10D31 battery that you are looking for and stipulated your budget bracket, decide on the type of store you want to buy the Acer adapter or battery. Do you want to buy from an offline or online stores? Buying from offline store is relatively more expensive that buy from a web-based store. The process is also tedious for it might take you time to identify a battery for Acer AS10D31 that is suitable for your laptop computer. If you own a laptop/ desktop computer and a steady Internet connection, consider buying from a virtual store. Visit authority websites and blogs that highlight good retailers/wholesalers and expose bad ones. Finally, read customer reviews of individuals who have bought batteries online. Compare what many online stores are offering and then settle on one that has an excellent reputation, sells diverse battery types, and has experienced customer service professionals.


The final step is to buy a battery for Acer AS10D31 or adapter that is suitable for your laptop. Generally, before you reach for your credit card and order a battery for Acer AS10D31 online, remember that compatibility is vital. Check the part and model number of your damaged battery and compare them with the particulars of the battery on offer. If they do not match, check another battery, or visit the next best store. The laptop battery that you choose should also be of high quality. Misprinted labels, signs of wear and tear, and outrageous specification and major warning signs that you must look out for, before sharing financial details. Finally, make sure that the battery has a high-capacity.

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