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Home Oxygen Reform

Posted Feb 18 2009 11:58am

How do you describe home oxygen therapy? Oxygen is the only therapy known to extend life in patients with chronic lung disease. Home oxygen is inexpensive. The cost is about $6.00 per day. The SAME oxygen costs an average of $104.00 per day in a hospital (obviously, DME doesn’t have as strong a Lobby as Hospitals). It is the same oxygen. The cost of delivering the oxygen is far less for the hospital because they don’t deliver beyond their building.

Statute Says Home Oxygen is Only Equipment

Fine, pay for the equipment ONLY. Don’t require content delivery, care planning, 24/7 emergency service and a disaster plan. If the government wants to purchase the equipment, fine. When a humidifier bottle gets cross threaded the patient can call 911, go to the ER and spend $4000 of Medicare’s money (18 months of the home oxygen cost in less than one day).

Suppliers provide those services for FREE because they are a VITAL part of properly taking care of an oxygen patient. When was the last time you heard on the news that people didn’t have their medical oxygen in a national disaster? Hurricane Katrina? California Fires etc.?

The statute needs to be changed. The cost to provide oxygen beyond the concentrator needs to be recognized. Not at the expense of small American businesses, though.

The Japanese are Attacking!

There is a plan for home oxygen reform put forth by the Council for Quality Respiratory Care (CQRC). This plan is cloaked in mystery and innuendo (lies). The CQRC are the “Walmarts” of the medical equipment industry. They are being lead by Pacific Pulmonary, a Japanese owned company. The rest of the industry is represented by State Associations, made up of independently owned American small businesses and supposedly AAHomecare (who can’t seem to discern money from loyalty to who they are supposedly representing).

I am on the front line. I want to puke at the GREED that still exists in Washington D.C., even in this economy. Who do you trust? Your neighbor? The company who supports your “little league” baseball team? Or the Japanese and the Wall Street companies who have brought America to this day, this time, this defining moment?

How far will the Japanese Go?

I guess Pearl Harbor wasn’t enough. They retained two ex-Senate Finance Committee staffers. Wasn’t there supposed to be a one year moratorium on leaving a staff position before becoming a PAID lobbyist?

Destruction of the Fabric of American Community

I live in Montana. Chairman Max Baucus has a favorite saying, ” Montana is what America Was”. It is my sincere desire to believe once again in America. Chairman Baucus, please, please, do what is right for MONTANA (or the America that was GREAT). The CQRC Plan is an attempt to LEGISLATE what couldn’t be accomplished through COMPETITION. Remember MONTANA!!! We are still the place where community, coming together and good neighbors exist. Please, take to your heart what I have heard you say, ” Montana is what America was”. If you don’t, what are Montanan’s choices?

Big Sky Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers is at the table, fighting for our NEIGHBORS and Montana JOBS. The CQRC wasn’t, aren’t and never will be. They are the GREED that has brought America to the doorstep of 1929 (it’s knees). The CEOs that take shareholders money for themselves, the foreign interests who want to exploit America’s wealth, this is Pacific Pulmonary and the CQRC.

What can you do?

Contact your Representatives. Tell them you value the care provided by your local company. Your local providers are working on a better oxygen benefit and you can bet your a$$ the plan put forth by people who actually provide oxygen is simple, saves the TAXPAYERS MONEY and fixes the oxygen benefit, as opposed to the plan by a former Medicare Administrator (government waste, complication and stupidity, she never delivered a bottle of oxygen in her life), CQRC and Pacific Pulmonary.

America: Government by the lobbyists, for the wealthy special interests, at the expense of the People!!!

Montana is what America was!

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