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Hollywood star Morgan - Freeman once again involved in the death rumors

Posted Mar 27 2013 6:51am

Hollywood star Morgan - Freeman once again involved in the death rumors

21, the network was the United States the famous movie star Morgan Freeman died of heart disease. After all that, this is a rumor, this is the Hollywood the old play bone was second times of death. But the cause of death as like as two peas, is heart disease. Presumably, this rumor from a specially issued "expected obituary" website, in Chinese expected obituary, Morgan ranked first, Lee Hom in the second row.

Internet rumors about Morgan's death is like this: "the United States of America at 8 local time on Tuesday morning in February 19th, the famous actor Morgan Freeman died in Losangeles of a heart." But at the same time, foreign media were not about his Fake Oakley death news, but he will raise a Babel of criticism of Apple's SIRI voice message.

Last year, a "official CNN Twitter says Hollywood star Morgan Freeman (Morgan Freeman) died" message on twitter (Twitter) on the mad, and caused a great disturbance. Eventually this event proved to is it is sheer fiction. CNN is also out of the rumor, said by nominal CNN forwarding, and will investigate the matter. But then the feedback is, Freeman heard that their "death" message, feel very funny, and not unhappy.

Presumably, Morgan Freeman died from a rumor is called "necropedia" web site, this site release expected obituary, almost every article that "under the real news".

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