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Glasses is not the night wear more good cheap oakley sunglasses

Posted May 14 2012 6:36am

Glasses is not the night wear more good cheap oakley sunglasses

Soon the school, the hospital has ushered in the treatment of high myopia to students. In the prevention and control of myopia, parents still put in a lot of errors and confused--

The increase of a myopic degree error is caused by the wear glasses

In addition to the innate factors, myopic degree of main and increase the day after tomorrow is closely related with the eye cheap oakley Sunglasses not correct, if watch nearly (watch TV, play computer games, read, etc) time is too long, reading and writing does not pay attention to the sitting position, lead to the eye adjust muscles are spasms, myopic degree is gradually. So after a lens with the eyes but also pay attention to health, reduce close with the eyes of time and frequency, and correct posture. For progress faster children myopia, the proposal after a mirror continued to follow near-sighted prevention and control principle of six: before sleeping relax your subjects, use the eyepiece Schwartz, wearing empty coke lens, wearing gradual much focus glasses, supplements containing cheap ray ban sunglasses lutein many kinds of vitamins and trace elements, the current international breakthrough a treatment measures is wearing high oxygen through sexual corneal model form mirror, and greatly reduce the pace of progress of myopia.

Myth myopia mirror the later the better wear

School age children must screening vision as early as possible. If discover the child myopia, could not avoid the reality or comfort is mimicked myopia, and just avoid will only delay illness, virtually to speed up the development of myopia. Glasses to have the right to wear method. The child's eyes error more than 175 degrees to suggest wearing all day, when will pick a eyes often is in not steady adjustment of fatigue, easy to deepen myopia. Lower than 150 degrees of myopia children, fake oakley sunglasses can choose to see far, look at the blackboard is worn the mirror, see nearly to write to pick the mirror.

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