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glass has many marine nike trainer 1.3 max for sale organisms

Posted Oct 26 2012 6:34am
came Paoqu Wen many people, but they answer not the same, and allows us to charges big series of setbacks to find the entrance. Across the park, the first to reach the underwater world, parents buy a ticket, I stood on one side, the fantasy underwater world like: The underwater world is a magical place. It is by a huge two-story semi-circular transparent glass in the bottom of the sea, people can move around freely in the hall to enjoy the undersea beauty, glass has many marine nike trainer 1.3 max for sale organisms, they swam tussle together, sometimes, and sometimes each other chase, and sometimes play with the tourists, from time to time in the show. Glass colorful stones, coral, caves ... "go!"

Father heard shouting I pulled into the fantasy tight steps I followed them into the underwater world, the results disappointed. It turned out that the so-called underwater world just in some places of a house inside placement some glass, which put some of the marine life, as well as stone and so on. Divided into three layers, the first layer of Aspect, Best, cave-fish tank, to a semicircular space allows you to walk, for your viewing, all the water in the top, left, right, front is a channel. When I joined the hearts of some hesitation, because I saw the little bit of cheap nike air max 90 white on the ground, the ripples generalities, spray splendidly step down, I really worry about water, this is in fact the head of water in the cast light on reflection. Into the "cave", a green, watching the scenery around, as if really being in the underwater world, and I am emotionally.
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