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Garlic in the Ear...

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:29pm

Yesterday, I decided to take myself to the doctor because my illness from my favouriote roommate was getting worse. Being a strong believer in the ER is for emergencies only I decided to go to the walk in clinic. I arrive at the walk in clinic at 11 am, most of the chairs are full, but there are a few open spots. I check in and begin to read some readings for class. I figured I would be there for at least an hour, but I was happy to wait as long as I was reading. About 20 mins after I arrived, a lady sat down beside me, this lady was an interesting lady. She began talking loudly about all her ailments, not to me of course because I was deeply interested in my readings, but to the lady on the other side of her.

She first began talking about the transit system and how terrible it was to get around town. I do understand the transit system isn’t the best, but I have experience worse. Then she begins talking about how she is going to catch pneumonia because her window has a draft. Next, begins her ailments and how she has treated them so far. The reason for her visit to the walk in clinic was because she had an earache, she had began treatment on her own at home by putting a garlic capsule in her ear to draw out her infection. (hey, there are websites talking about this weird: ) Regardless I would be quite weary about putting anything in my ear. Next she goes on to saying how she had a cold and would use a mustard wrap (which apparently an old remedy, before my time obviously)

After she is done talking about all her ailments, she decides she should complain about the wait. When you go the doctor in Canada, you expect to wait. It really isn’t a big deal to me at least it’s free. The nice lady beside her said well “you are a patient you need to be patient”, which I thought was cute. A mother and daughter soon sit down beside me, I move over closer to the nicer lady, so that the mother and daughter can sit down together. The nice lady notices what I am reading and asks if I am nurse, I proceed to tell her what I am taking and surprisingly enough she knew what it was. However, in a waiting room everyone is listening, so this starts up a whole conversation on what I am taking. Meanwhile, the garlic in the ear lady buds in with more complaints not only with the doctors, but also with my schooling. Apparently she used to be a nurse and feels bad for me because I am not going to be able to get married because I will have student debt. She proceeds to question to me on my debt. After questioning me about my debt, she states the doctors here must be paid by the hour because they are taking so long with each patient. (This is not at all the case, in fact they get paid per patient, so the more patients the more money the doctor makes). Rather then disagreeing with her, I simply nod my head and say uh huh a few times hoping she will stop talking to me.

Finally, I notice people who have arrived after me have been called in to the see the doctor. Knowing that patients are not triaged at the walk in clinic, I politely ask the receptionist how much farther I am in the queue. Turns out, they had misplaced my file and I would be called shortly. I am thankful when I finally do get called in because the garlic in the ear lady had upped her complaining about the wait to about every 5 minutes. So after a 2 hours wait, learning about treating an earache with garlic, and a swab I have Strep Throat.
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