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Free Paris Demonstration Demonstrates Nobody Cares

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:57pm

Apparently there was a well publicized demonstration in Greenwich Village designed to show support for Paris Hilton and her "unfair" sentence for breaking probation. It was well enough pulicized that several reporters showed up inlcuding one from Access Hollywood. Paris and her plight are so well beloved that whole whopping THREE people showed up to call her a "victim" and "martyr" to the justice system.

Let's recap: all she had to do was enroll in an alcohol education class and not drive for 90 days and she would have walked away...but nope. Too much to ask. She didn't do the first and did do the second, and got caught. Now she has consequences to pay for not paying the consequences on the DUI.

She's not a victim or a martyr. She's still just a bratty, self-centered rich girl with a white trash big-mouthed mom. That's it.


Just so you know, should you want to put cash on it, according to the following odds are in place. See the web site for the full list of betting propositions.

Paris will release a jail work-out video 5:1

Paris will announce that jail is "hot" 20:1

Paris will release a "One Night in Jail" sex tape 20:1

Bets to place on things that will happen to Paris before Dec 31, 07:

Paris will be charged with drunk driving again 7:4

Paris will be caught with a controlled substance 3:1

Paris will become a brain surgeon 150:1

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