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Fragrance study and tonsil removal

Posted Sep 14 2008 1:28pm

I know, I know... completely unrelated. But I'm too tired from playing with K2 all night to string things together nicely.

There are pictures of the tonsil/adenoid surgery on the left side under "pages". I created a separate page for those that don't want to see it. The first few pictures are surgical prep and very clean. There is one picture of a dead tonsil about 5-6 pics down if you only want to look at the first few!

In the meantime, The University of Washington released a study this morning dealing with VOC's (Volatile organic compounds) in home fragrances. This is of interest to me as my asthma reacts hugely to fragrance and VOC's of any kind. Normally we think of VOC's in connection with paint, paint thinners, glues and solvents, but nail polish, polish remover, shampoos and hair sprays can emit VOC's. Even if you don't get brochospasms and run for albuterol due to VOC's, it's worth noting that it is no healthier for you than for me. The link to the Seattle Times story is here. This study is of course disputed by studies financed by the fragrance industry. The article shares interesting information, such as the FDA not requiring manufacturers to list fragrance ingredients and the fact that unscented products aren't always unscented, they're masked. Great article!

Finally, our little tonsil patient is hanging in there. Still quite painful, especially after the numbing wore off. She is enjoying liquids... luke warm cream of wheat and Popsicles are favorites. This morning we're going to whip her up a frozen fruit smoothie. After I have a nap!

Asthmagirl out!

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