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For Halloween, I think I'll go as a pin cushion

Posted Mar 04 2009 2:50pm
To combat the old asthma and IgE of 633, the pulmo sent me back to get those weekly allergy shots, the ones where I take it in each arm and then sit in the waiting room for 20 minutes to make sure I don't have a reaction or get a rash.


Got a call from the F.D. "shot room" yesterday, the gal who will be doing the systemic Xolair shots every other week for....ever...and found out that with those shots I get three: one in each arm and one in the thigh....every two weeks...forever...AND not only that but I have to stay there at the clinic for TWO HOURS because as reactive as I am and as tough as these shots are, I just might go into anaphylactic shock AND I'm not even allowed to get the shot unless Dr. C. is in the building, not even across the street at the hospital, has to be in the F.D. building AND I have to have bloodwork every so many months AND I have to carry an EPI pen with me everywhere including the shot room.

E58a8e4a490717b342086097b5230b0603f29ae2 Geez, this is going to be some chore trying to coordinate the RN's schedule with my schedule with the Doc's schedule...and let me repeat the best part: every two weeks forever.

Boy howdy....I'm having some fun now. So 2 shots one week and 5 shots on the alternating week.

At least I'll have plenty of time to keep up on my reading....
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