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Fetty Be Buzz

Posted Oct 27 2012 1:37am

Fetty Be Buzz



Fetty Be Buzz

Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein was not only one of the entertainment industry's premier DJs, but he was also among the world's leading "sneaker-heads, This week marks the launch of the DJ AM Memorial Fund Limited Edition Charity Sneaker Auction on eBay, which includes over 800 pairs of shoes, with new styles posted every day. I spoke with industry fixture Kevin "DJ Kev E Kev" Wolff, Goldstein's best friend a sneaker fan himself some added insight into the charity auction and Fetty Be Buzz the sneakers we should be bidding on.



Kevin "DJ Kev E Kev" Wolff (left) and Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein, a pair of sneakers from Goldstein's collection, and Goldstein and his wall of shoes


Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein was not only one of the entertainment industry's premier DJs, but he was also among the world's leading "sneaker-heads, A sneaker fan since childhood when he first spotted a pair of Air Jordan 1's (his grandmother wouldn't buy them for him, which made them all the more desirable), over the last 10 years, Goldstein became an avid collector and sneaker expert, boasting a stash of limited-edition Nike, Adidas, Converse, BAPE and more that is among the largest in the world. Upon his passing in April, his family and friends decided that his collection should live on in the hands on the feet fellow sneaker freaks, and that the sale of the shoes should benefit a cause that Goldstein cared about.


The result Nike Air Max 24-7 Men is the DJ AM Memorial Fund Limited Edition Charity Sneaker Auction on eBay. Launched on Monday and lasting until December 14th, the charity auction includes over 800 pairs of shoes, with new styles posted every day. The lot includes some styles that have been worn and others that are brand new, and features a pair of Nike PlayStation Air Force 1s that were made exclusively for a PlayStation party (Nike only made 200 of them, and they have sold online for up to $3,000), a pair of Eminem Air Jordan 4s created to commemorate the release of the rapper's Encore LP (only 50 pairs of the Eminem Jordan 4s were made and they've sold in the past for close to $7,500), Supreme Dunks, Supa Dunks and other Hyperstrikes, Air Jordan PE's and many other rare styles. All proceeds will go to the DJ AM Memorial Fund, which maintains Goldstein's legacy by contributing to organizations and projects that address addiction and recovery and is powered by non-profit group Creative Visions.


I spoke with music industry fixture Kevin "DJ Kev E Kev" Wolff, Goldstein's best friend a sneaker fan himself some added insight into the charity auction and the sneakers we should be bidding on.


Goldstein (left) and Wolff


The Inside Source: Are you a sneaker aficionado too?


Kevin Wolff: Yes, I love shoes. I currently have approximately 200 pairs and have been collecting for the better part of 10 years. Like most collectors, my passion for shoes began at a very young age. When Adam talks about how his grandmother wouldn't buy him a $70 pair of Jordan's parents were very much the same way. Not getting something when you are young simply makes you want it even more, especially when you are older. He had everything! He is regarded as one of the biggest "sneaker-heads" in the world. His collection is world-renowned Fetty Be Buzz within the sneaker community, much like a major art collector's collection would be within the art world. As far as shopping for sneakers, eBay was a huge resource for him. He would spend hours on eBay browsing and Air Max 90 Shoes purchasing shoes from people around the world. Adam also had a tremendous rapport with buyers, sellers, collectors, shoe stores and the brands themselves.


[Editors' Note: eBay has approximately 200,000 listings of shoes by the most popular sneaker brands, including approximately 150,000 men's styles and 50,000 women's styles.]TIS: What is your most vivid memory of AM and his sneakers?


KW: I honestly have so many. If I had to choose one, it was the first time we went to Tokyo together in 2004. Shoe culture was really at its prime and Japan was (and still is) a shoe collector's mecca. BAPE at the time was pretty difficult to get in the states. Aside from going out to Japan to DJ, Adam's other mission was to get to the BAPE store and buy as many shoes as possible. We went in the store, and he bought one of every style of shoes they had must have been 20 or 30 pairs. We then went and bought luggage for him to carry all the shoes home in.


TIS: Why do you think that sneaker style is such an important part of pop culture?KW: I believe that your sneakers really say a lot about who you are. Having a "cool" pair of shoes on your feet really goes a long a way. It makes you feel good both inside and out and can really give you a sort of confidence. The collectible aspect of sneaker culture has also made shoes special. Rather than everyone wearing the same shoes, there are so many different styles, brands and colors out there that you can create your own image and identity simply by putting on a pair of shoes.


TIS: Tell us about the charity auction. Why did you choose this route (an online auction on eBay) to sell AM's sneakers?


KW: We wanted to do something special to launch the DJ AM Memorial Fund and raise awareness about it. Setting up an auction of Adam's sneakers just made

Fetty Be Buzz

sense for so many reasons: He loved his shoes; he loved eBay; and we knew that by selling his shoes on eBay, we would be able to reach the most people possible. We wanted to create an opportunity for fans, friends, collectors and admirers to come to one place and be able to walk away with something special that was special to him, and all for a good cause. Adam was always doing his part to help others. Through this fund, we want to maintain that support system that he provided for so many. Contributions and money raised through the fund will go towards organizations and projects committed to addressing issues of addiction and recovery. We plan on continuing to raise awareness and money through events, donations and more. Which pair is the most valuable of the bunch? KW: I would say the Air Jordan 4 (IV) Retro "Eminem Encore's, They are hands down one of the most sought after shoes in the world. Only 50 pairs were ever made. Of course Adam had two pairs, one of which is a youth size 4.5 that will be included in the auction. TIS: Which sneakers from the auction are your personal favorites and why? 1) The 1994 Air Jordan 1 Retro style in white, black and red was bottom line, Adam's favorite shoe. He had numerous pairs he kept on "ice" and these are deadstock and crispy! I remember when he moved into his new house, I gave him a pair of these as a house-warming gift. This shoe started sneaker culture as we know it today, as far as I am concerned.



2) The 1986 Original/Deadstock Vintage Adidas Patrick Ewing Rivalry really shows the depth of Adam's shoe game and collecting. He wasn't just about Nike or Jordan's or the newest SB dunk that you can get at your local sneaker boutique and online. No, you have to Fetty Be Buzz really dig for these. These are deadstock from the '80's, not the re-issues. You would be lucky to see another pair

Fetty Be Buzz

of these on eBay, which is where he Cheap Air Max 90 probably found them originally.



3) Paul Rosenberg was one of AM's managers and a sneaker head himself, who also happens to manage Eminem (among others.) He and Adam shared a love for shoes and traded with one Nike Air Max 2012 Men another over the years. The "Eminem Designed" Shady Records Air Max '97's are a super-rare, limited edition pair that most collectors have probably never seen, and that Paul helped designed. Shoes auctioned off for a good cause, then and now.


4) Adam really loved Air Max 95's. They may have been his second favorite shoe after Jordan 1's. He designed (or iD'd) quite a few pairs of 95's (and others) that we are including in this auction. I love all the "iD's" that we are including, especially the Nike Air Max '95 ID's in camo because he designed the color-ways himself. These really show his style and truly are one-of-a-kind shoes.


5) I don't think about Kanye quite as much anymore when I see the 2009 Kanye West Nike Air Yeezys (even though they are his shoes). We don't know if these are the ones from the actual commercial, but they are pretty cool nonetheless. Also, as part of the partnership with Kanye, Nike made a donation to the Kanye West Foundation that "provides opportunities for young people to engage Air Max 90 in the creative and performing arts, and to develop the tools to remain in school and graduate, Again, shoes for a good cause.


6) I don't know the exact story with the 2008 Nike Air Foce 1 low "BET Awards" shoes. I can tell you that a letter is included with the shoes that explains that there were only 250 pairs made, that they commemorate the BET Awards show that took place in Atlanta in 2008, and as stated in the letter,YOU are one of the chosen ones to receive a pair, I Fetty Be Buzz was excited to see these and the letter, especially due to the fact that almost exactly a year after he was given these, BET awarded DJ AM the "DJ Of The Year" award at the 2009 BET Awards. Adam would have been so honored by that acknowledgment. [Editors' Note: This award was given postumously.]. 

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