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Ferguson said people who had worked "even a

Posted Jan 22 2013 3:12am
The Sunday Express said, Ferguson plans to Old Trafford fans a New Year gift, that is open in the winter window after Benzema brought to Manchester United, Manchester United in the summer to participate in the Frenchman contested but lost to Real Madrid, Ferguson oriented Benzema prepare the budget has not spent out. Six months later, the situation and the summer than with a new turn, Benzema at Real Madrid did not have the expected performance, but also because of the over-the-counter non blamed, the Sunday Express, "said  adidas js leopard sale   Ferguson intends to take the opportunity to test Real Madrid's position, in winter the introduction of Benzema. Sir Alex Ferguson will be asked Real Madrid Would you like to reduce losses at relatively cheap prices Benzema monopoly to Manchester United, the newspaper also said that Ferguson and a bolder vision, is asked Real Madrid Can Frenchman loaned to Manchester United with half of the season.

Summer, Manchester United are willing to pay to Lyon, the highest price is 25 million, if Real Madrid are willing to accept the price, then the transaction there is still possible. Ferguson said people who had worked "even a virus is not sold to Real Madrid," the hard words, but last summer, or put C Luo went to the Bernabeu, visible even adidas js bear flower power   if Sir Alex Ferguson and Real Madrid once grudges deep, but in front of interests and needs, not There are eternal enemies. Meanwhile, Brazilian striker Luis Fabiano to Manchester United suddenly thrown olive branch, 29 years old, he is currently headed striker of the Brazilian national team, but also the transfer market Reds. Fabiano said that if they go to Manchester United, will be very easy to adapt to. "I see the Manchester United game, I think they are a very interesting style of play team
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