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Fan Ting Yu three sections have

Posted Mar 04 2013 6:15am

After the two sides under the

more than 80 move, but has not changed the outcome of the scales. Putting Huan Kudan obtain victory today after the two sides

temporarily labeled 1:1 level.After the match, nike air amx ltd trainers outlet   Pu Tinghuan Kudan said: "Fan Ting Yu segment sequence set to follow should very

unusual, especially before lunch under black 75 Taisu of." Putting Huan Kudan 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games champion (mixed doubles

tournament and the men's team) , won the 2011 Fujitsu Cup champion. Now in Korea grade # 2. Fan Ting Yu three sections of the

level of Chinese ranked 12, appeared on the world stage from the beginning of this year, the competition experience is not a lot.

Fan Ting Yu current Ying Shibei game series victory over Li Shishi Kudan, Tan Xiao seven segment and Sheikh Kudan-class players,

showed the terrible momentum, however, optimistic about Pu Tinghuan Kudan. Putting Huan Kudan defeat in a game of chess final 3

Juqi will be held next year nike air max tn uk on sale  , Fan Ting Yu three sections have sufficient time to cure the trauma of the second inning failed,

therefore, the current Ying Shibei final very intense, people can not predict the outcome of prospects. Putting Huan Kudan said:

"Fan Ting Yu three sections is quite calm playing style, because there is no mistake, the latter half of the disk will not have

any opportunity to overcome Fan Ting Yu segment nike air amx ltd uk sale  sequence set is very important."Ukrainian Heron website: a war victoryKorea

Ukraine heron website comment finals 2 Juqi of Pu Tinghuan Kudan down only by a battle to seize of winning the ultimate perfect

victory. After the match, Pu Tinghuan Kudan said: "2 Juqi from the sequence set to start on play my style, and the situation has

been dominant eaten below the five sunspot confident that we have won."

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