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experience, this experience to hone their character

Posted Nov 22 2012 7:42am

hile also forging a of

them civilians feelings and pragmatic style, and keep them committed to the

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and opening up beliefs.

According to statistics, the 205 members of the Central Committee, 65 people

had educated youth, accounting for 31.7% of this group. , 25 members of the

Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, 7 educated youth generation,

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28%; 4 people had educated youth experience the highest level

of the Politburo Standing Committee, accounting for 57.1%. The analysts

believe that the generation of educated youth experiencing full access to the

decision-making level, will no doubt influence the political ecology and the

future direction of China's.

It can be said that the educated youth generation is unfortunate generation,

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neration. Hard and harsh rural environment during

that particular period, forging their strong will and resilience. More

importantly, this experience deepened their understanding of the life of the

grassroots, the underlying sufferings, the true idea of ​​Chinese farmers know

better, easier to get close to the people, and pragmatic things.

Experienced educated youth have nearly seven years Xi Jinping, the general

secretary of November 15 debriefing speech "on the outside world that the

dialogue between the stressed and the people, highlighting the" People First

plain fresh style. The Macau Daily Review, said Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang

Dejiang, Wang Qishan, a new generation of leaders educated youth experience,

creating of them civilians feelings, this kind of political literacy will

profoundly affect their governing style and policy-oriented.

Indication of the generation of leaders educated youth experience in

administering the country will be more flexible, both pragmatic and open-

minded two qualities. This trait undoubtedly will affect the future of China.


Governing Practice

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