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Exceptionally rich experience

Posted Nov 22 2012 7:43am

205 central committee, both from central government departments or local

authorities, or the army, people's organizations, there is a common feature,

that is almost all grass-roots training experience, rich political experience

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crisis of ability.

The majority of its members are down-to-earth step by step from the grass

roots stem from a clear understanding of the national situation sentiments

accurately grasp. Re  nike air max 2010 shoes sale ading a resume Politburo Standing Committee, the new term

of seven each Standing Committee of experience resume in several places, and

some also dealt with a major crisis. To some extent, which showed the

superiority of China's political elite training mode. China is a Confucian

tradition, respected sage political. The Tsinghua University foreign

professors Bell believe that China's political system, to ensure that singles

out China's political elite, have excellent ruling qualities and governance

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Relative to five years ago, the new central committee has a wealth of

experience in serving, withstood a lot of crisis test. For example, Hu Chunhua

it how provincial working experience. Hu Chunhua graduated from Peking

University in 1983 on their own application went to work in Tibet. Temper

after more than 20 years in the West, he has to leadership positions in Hebei

Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has accumulated a wealth of

experience in governance and the ability to deal with complex and


In addition, in this group, there are a considerable number of people cross

experience in serving. Them to go through a workout, the vision and thinking

tend to be more open, professional in order to become even more prominent. A

typical example is Sun Zhengcai, who agronomy Dr. First Beijing grassroots

work, and in 2006 was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture, 2008 and to

the northeast of the major agricultural province of Jilin in power, recently

was transferred to Chongqing "number one", the professional can be able to

play, governance The experience gradually upgrade.


Responsibilities of

Will surely have plenty

Today, China has entered a critical period of development of science. The new

generation of collective leadership in the critical period of modernization

took office, well aware of the whole party high hopes and expectations of the


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