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Eureka Springs, Arkansas: Happy Birthday Gene, Jeff, and Dee

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:01pm

Dee Gene Jeff Glenna

Notice that Jeff's the only one who looks good in this pic?  Man, it's hard to get four people looking the same way and all good at the same time whenever there's a camera around!  Gene is Mr. Smiley, as usual!

 We only took a few pics because we were too busy having a great weekend together celebrating Gene's 49th, Jeff's 51st, and Dee's...well, never mind!  I'm the odd man out with a January birthday but that's okay, we like this tradition of celebrating the October birthday boys and girl all together. Last year, since it was Jeff's 50th(!) we went to Vegas so this year we needed to stay a little closer to home.

Next year?  Hmmmm...Gene's 50th. Wonder where he'll want to go...gee, if anyone knows Gene's favorite vacation spot, let me know, because I might forget. :-)

We stayed at the Basin Park hotel, downtown, built in 1905, the sister hotel to the famously haunted Crescent hotel, built in 1886.

This is a shot from the balcony restaurant, the only area shot I remembered to take, just to give a hint of the gorgeous fall colors we were surrounded by.

Jeff Glenna

I like the Basin Park. It's old and it's not renovated, as in gutted.  The bathrooms are tiny, the lighting certainly not makeup applying friendly,  and the rooms are oddly shaped but that's what I like about it.  They've done a great job sprucing up the paint and adding funky pieces of furniture and lamps to create a misfit fit kind of ambience that serves Eureka well.

Dee and I survived the makeup challenge with no mishaps, I'm happy to say. No freaky colors. No odd foundation lines at the jaw, although had it not gone off so well we could have declared the bad makeup in deference to Halloween next DSCN65385037DSCN6538   weekend.

Here's Dee TRYING to get Gene to smile for the camera. She got half of it: the smile.

I'm not sure what she was trying to do to him...I was off at the bar collecting a round.  All I know is Jeff was running the camera.

Jeff and Gene have been best friends since they were little kids growing up across the street from each other in Marshfield.  Jeff found Dee first and I came along a couple of years later to the group. For years we traveled to Oklahoma City to see them, then Collinsville. It's nice to have the back in Marshfield, closer to us, but amazing how it still seems like months go by between times we get together. That's only because of work and the usual everyday life we all have to get through and since I work every other weekend that doesn't make it easier to get together with folks with regular work week hours, but we vowed with this trip that we'd all see each other more often now that it doesn't take an overnight bag for a visit!

Happy Birthday to all three: my adorable husband, and my two wonderful friends!

As a P.S. of sorts for Sisco clan--guess who we ran into working at Basin Park?  Carolyn Morgan! It was sooooo great to see her!  We both squealed when we saw each other and made some of the folks around us laugh. She's doing really well and the kids are all grown. Can you believe little Travis, toddler Travis, is now 20?  Man, I forget how quickly time passes until my friends' babies are suddenly grown.


Also, I have to say that   I had one PURE EUREKA moment. I ran to a gift shop by myself the morning we left to pick up something I hadn't gotten the day before.  The clerk was a lovely, sweet, outgoing gal in her 50's who was dressed in a black t-shirt with a black lace handkerchief edged mini skirt with beads hanging from the hem points. She had on gold tights under that, colorful scarves tied in her hair, around her wrists, and around both ankles. She had on colorful but not even close to matching barrettes, choker, earrings, bracelets, and rings on every finger.  She also had on one brown shoe and one black shoe.  As I walked in the door she was helping two ladies pick out a tear dropp crystal hanging from a beaded string. The lady couldn't decide which bead string she liked best and the clerk was telling her to ignore the colors, but to "hold a crystal in each hand, close your eyes, and let the crystals speak to you. The one that warms your heart and your hand is the one that was meant for you."

Gawd, I miss Eureka so much!!!!!!  

Even if the whole crystal, hippie, funky-dressing culture isn't evident on my person, I LOVED living with people who were so different from me.  Sigh.

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