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Eating A Little Fluid Overload Crow

Posted Aug 26 2010 6:24am

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Normally, a lot of my fluid overload stories are about how the nurses miss the fluid overload cues and we RT's swoop in and save the day with a Bipap.  But this time one of my fave RN's Billie caught it and I was the one in the "she'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine" frame of mind.  Not so much.  The pt ended up on a Bipap and rightfully so.  Billie saved the day--Great job, girl!

But now for the funny party. After 24 hours of bolusing the pt to support her low blood pressures and no one being able to figure out WHY in the heck her BP kept bottoming out...but since she wasn't foleyed and wasn't peeing of the PCA's walked in to find the patient snacking on pills from her purse. When admonished to PLEASE NOT take any home meds of her own ON her own and asking what she was taking, our sweet thing got very upset with us and said that her "REAL" doctor told her to take these pills for chest pains, so by God she was going to take them because she had chest pain and we weren't doing enough about it, she thought.

Nitro Nitro. She was taking Nitro on top of the heart drugs we were already giving her.

So.... a confiscated purse and a Bipap later, all was well.  You know, it's ironic. Usually it's the NON-compliant patients who are the problem. I admire her fortitude.  I thought about calling her doc and reporting how well she follows directions.

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