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Easily pick phone power bank

Posted Jan 29 2013 5:52am
Phone mobile power of insiders is relatively simple electronic products, but for the layman consumers, especially the first time to buy a mobile phone to power bank consumers may be impossible to start, do not know how to choose, here to talk about the selected phoneNote mobile power, for your reference.

Selected phone mobile power point is selected capacity, the greater the capacity, the more the number of times you can charge the phone, the phone's standby time is longer, so the market a lot of businesses are virtual standard capacity to attract consumers to identify the way is to see the volume size and weight of the mobile phone portable usb mobile charger, mobile phone the mobile power capacity and is proportional to the size of the weight. It must be noted that the election capacity not to indulge in grandiose, greater capacity, the greater the likelihood of xubiao too big, its charging time is longer, there is no need, so choose the right line, 3000 ~ 8000mA; choose a recommended general enough to use the phone.

The second thing to notice is the material: the material is the most important is the batteries, mobile phone power supply manufacturers, in order to maximize profits, not according to the standard production products, shoddy, selling like online 20000mA, $ 50, not only virtual standard, and the quality of the batteries in question, for consumers, there will be a lot of security risks. Batteries good or bad, from the outside did not see, not to mention from the online pictures, the only other problem be possible to be exposed. At this point, give advice is the Mo be cheap, inexpensive, always only stay on the mouth of the businesses.

The third point to see whether the manufacturer's service protection this point, you can buy a mobile phone mobile power, businesses are willing to invoicing, open warranty bill.

Smartphone rich people's lives, to bring to life a convenient, mobile power as the phone auxiliary accessories are also essential, I hope people buy the rest assured, happy.
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