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Do ugg slippers not remember

Posted Nov 14 2012 9:26am
didn't know to is what is up."Are you very tired?"The Jie Ni gingerly sees her."Have  mens shoes  no."The Yin summer Mo smiles."Luo Xi says that if you felt tired, make me directly send you to go home, if you feel to isn't very tired, he wants to ask you to go to mens shoes apartment, there is a very small celebration.""Celebrate?""Yes!"The Jie Ni happily smiles, " Luo Xi has a good news to want to share with you."Luo Xi?Good news?The Yin summer Mo is silent, hesitated a long time, she the mood at the moment's combining isn't suitable for to celebrate or share what.However-Finally she be still by hand machine tell the small Cheng that she will be late some to go home again, it lets he need not worry.Night.Shuttle if the car sea flowed in."H'm my name is called Chen Jie Ni " side of Jie Ni drives ugg style boots to drive into the direction of the apartment of Luo Xi, side gingerly says, on the face some awkward and shy facial expressions.The Yin summer Mo is stunned speechless.She stares at a short moment of Jie Ni, the in perplexity says:"Did I know you before?"The Jie Ni facial expression like this has already for 23 timesed appears, imitating a Buddha should know her by himself/herself, but how also return to can not recall."Do  ugg slippers  not remember that I am also very normal " Jie Ni is disappointed if lose, shake, and then start to invigorate spirit, say with smile, "do not relate to, it was a summer Mo to learn elder sister, would also not remembered that Chen Jie Ni was a whose to change me.""Are you my lower classwoman?"The Yin summer Mo is a bit astounded."I also lead to learn on the saint Hui, " Jie Ni smile, by leap and bound see Yin Mo is one eye for summer, "at that time, summer Mo's learning elder sister was inside's most outstanding girl in the school, again beautiful, again handsome, again very cool childhood, I worshiped you very much, have you been my idol "Her cheeks is very red."Ever since that time once

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saw you inside extrication in bad girl's hand a black-and-blue fat girl from those, I started worshiping you you didn't know, those bad girls usually humiliated junior class of we, I was also beaten by them but afterwards, you obstructed the elder sister head that those people beat bad girls, at that time, in the crowd, I left ugg slippers you very near very near I heard you lightly said to her, 'feed, beat your person and wasn't me.Don't the elephant dog Be similar to bite indiscriminately.That person beats you for trying to please young master, have what relation with me.This in this world has to your good person and has to your bad person, your crew uggs outlet member doesn't dare to save you, I saved you, you shoulded appreciate me, and this is the truth.'"She learns in those early mmwwiildjk years the Yin summer Mo talked of tone.14"The summer Mo learns elder sister too handsome, " Jie Ni smiles eyeful stars, "from now on, I swear in the future and want to become elephant for summer the Mo learn an elder sister similar person, docile, morally upright, calm down, cool.And I will be a summer Mo to learn the most faithful follower and supporter for elder sister.""But " she ashamedly says, "have never seen the Mo in summer learn elder sister for several years, again strain and then excitement, on the contrary don't dare to speak these with you, fear to learn elder sister to feel I too childishness "The Yin summer Mo looking at Jie Ni and blushes the appearance of narrow-minded discomfort again, the brain inside gradually starts to present a long ago recollection.Many years ago, a very small female kid secretly hid every day at turn horny streets and lanes in, the Yin summer Mo at the sight of her, she abashed blush from shame turn round to run to walk."That always hides a female kid in an alley at the street "She sounds out ground to ask."Is me!"The Jie Ni excitedly says that car the soon fierce geologic change is quick, " once you held tight me and said to me, if like Luo Xi told him, don't always hide.But but what I worshiped isn't a Luo Xi, but learn elder sister!At that time I too fear, what also not dared say, just cringed from fear ground say, 'I is Chen Jie Ni '""So."The Yin summer Mo doesn't know oneself to do what facial expression is suitable."Yes, " Jie Ni awkward and shily gives a smile, "so I hope to learn elder sister to remember my name, can know that someone once worshiped you very much.Afterwards chance and opportunity strangely fits, I became the assistant of Luo Xi.I had a strong felling at that time, because Luo Xi I would also again meet the Mo in summer to learn elder sister, "she satisfies ground to sigh, " indeed as expected meets at present, and finally  ugg style boots  has an opportunity to entirely speak these words to you to listen to.""Thank you."The Yin summer Mo smiles to her.Things of the past already thin forget in her brain leave very shallow outline, but she appreciates very much, someone once remembered her ever and thus.The guest benefit car drove to go into a classic living quarter.The Jie Ni parked the car.Accompany the Yin summer Mo to walk into a mansion together
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