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did not cry lost beloved gift in the wind looking from dawn to supra skytop uk sunset

Posted Jan 11 2013 8:41am
This data, however, are still rising, so far has resulted in more than 2 million deaths, more than 14,000 people were buried, at a time when the rescue gold period has passed, the victims are expected to exceed 50,000 people ... those flesh and blood: too late to hear the parents affectionately calling, too late to enjoy the warm embrace of the parents of children: those too late exhorted children, too late to meet with relatives of the elderly: those who are too late to take care of their children, and too late to support for the elderly men and women ... they had a chance to promise a desire to walk alone in the dark and cold road to death.In earthquake soon, rescue workers have been promptly rushed to the scene, Premier Wen also the first time to fly to the disaster area to visit the nike blazer low people directing rescue. Stroking a child covered with scars, see the vast ruins aloof schoolbag, picked up the rubble on a lost little masters shoes, the Prime Minister NianGuoHuaJia burst into tears. He told the people of Wenchuan Central have not forgotten here. Such a scene, that flesh and blood people are visibly moved.

President Hu also promptly rushed to the disaster areas to guide the work, to comfort the victims. Through the tireless efforts of rescue workers more than two days, and finally opened the the Wenchuan road lifeline. Cry now, Wenchuan, tell the world there lives ...See a poem "little children today did not cry if friends have been to leave the left lonely and beautiful children can not take away today crying dirty beautiful clothes on the Xiaoxiang Morning but can not find someone to talk to smart kids today did not cry lost beloved gift in the wind looking from dawn to supra skytop uk sunset, my dear child, why you will not let me look at whether to let the wind blow out the candle walk alone in the dark "...... fuzzy warm liquid eyes, uncontrollable sadness fills my heart. Who had a chance to realize the dream of Son, this should be spirited youthful era prematurely sleeping with pain and fear to leave, to leave their nostalgia died.
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