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Diagnosing my Grandfather

Posted Jun 18 2008 6:09pm

My Grandfather was in the hospital again this last week for a couple of days because of shortness of breath and he has a doctor that seems to just beat around the bush by not giving my grandparents a definite diagnosis. He was told that he did have a blood clot behind that knee that is takingLovenoxfor at home, yep my Grandmother is giving his shots in the stomach. I saw her do it today, she does a good job.

The problem my grandparents are having is that this doctor has never given a good distinct diagnosis of what is causing his breathing issues that he has been into the hospital for two times this year and has also been in before, so as a good RT I am going to lay out the facts and give my diagnosis. Maybe a good case study here.

  • He is 86 years old
  • Has had 2 heart attacks both withCABGsurgery
  • He smoked for over 50 years, quit about 15-20 years ago
  • He does a lot of woodwork with lots of sawdust
  • He gets very SOB when it is hot and humid
  • Has a productive cough
  • When SOB he sleeps better sitting up
  • Breathing treatments do help him
  • He gets bronchitis fairly often
  • He is diabetic
  • He is very active, does woodworking, walks to mow lawn, plays withgrand kids

Okfrom what I have here I really think that he has a good case forCOPD. I understand that there could be some heart issues here, but I would rule outCOPDand would like for him to have aPFTtest done. There is a good possibility that a corticosteroid would do some good for him and a rescue inhaler.

This particular doctor will not say what this could be. He has said there could be a touch of emphysema, and that the cough is "chronic in nature", but he will not send him for the proper tests to check to see if the lungs have problems. This is driving me nuts. How hard is it to order aPFTtesting to be done? Why not send him home with someMDI's. He did send him home with aantibioticcalledAveloxthat after reading is supposed to be good for upper respiratory infections. This med only takes 4 pills to kickbacteriasbutt, pretty cool andpowerful.

This is added as a late entry, but this doctor also stated to my grandparents that the Sawdust from his hobby has no effect on his lungs as theparticlesize is to large to get into his lung.Huhh. Yep he said it's gets stuck in the upper airway andthat'swhy there is sawdust in his sputum when he coughs because it is filtered out by the nose and upper airway. Yeaokquack.

Wellthat'sthe deal, I really hate this cannot make up my mind mentality of this particular doctor and I'm glad he is not from my hospital.

Let me know what you think.
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