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Currently beening treated for post infection(URI) bronchospasm with Prednisone, should I be working?

Posted by Grace

I  have called out sick-for asthma related post URI bronchospasm, and wondering how long to stay home,and was thinking the fact that I cannot take a deep breath in- I  presume unable to perform CPR in the event that it was needed; my job is charge nurse for blood drives.

Are there other nurses out there that have asthma or work in health profession and having syptoms now in the spring? and how are you handling it?

I 'm thinking I have to monitor my symptoms of how my airway feels, it is irritated right now, on 2nd day of Prednisone-Rx will be 2 weeks.

I think nurses feel the duty to go to work and not call in sick.


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  I have not seen an answer posted here.

   Needed to call out sick for a couple of days; I had more symptoms.

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