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Crazy Eights...

Posted Sep 14 2008 1:34pm

The Beautiful and Talented Mental Pause Mama tagged me earlier this week with a crazy eight meme. I got a little sidetracked the last few days but want to tackle this with enthusiam and lies veracity! Below are the less than surprising answers!
Eight Things I have a passion for:
  1. My family
  2. Peanut butter
  3. My little doglets
  4. Cookies (homemade)
  5. Hiking and biking
  6. Sincerity
  7. My hair
  8. Technology
Eight Things I Would Like to do Before I Die:
  1. Visit Ireland
  2. Hike the Pacific Crest trail
  3. Subdue my asthma
  4. Climb Rainier
  5. Ride the STP
  6. Become published
  7. Start a foundation
  8. Make a difference
Eight Things I Say a Lot:
  1. Nicely Done!
  2. Are you going to be home for dinner?
  3. Whose laundry is this?
  4. Where are my little dogs?
  5. Can I get you some coffee, dear?
  6. Who has to go potty?
  7. I have no idea what you've done to your laptop... can you be more specific?
  8. I've never loved you more
Eight Books I Have Read Recently:
  1. High Noon
  2. The Photoshop book
  3. Outlander
  4. Creation in Death
  5. Up Close and Dangerous
  6. Northern Lights
  7. Innocence in Death
  8. Costco Cookbook
Eight Movies I Have Seen Eight Times:
  1. The Incredibles
  2. Christmas Vacation
  3. Blazing Saddles
  4. Princess Bride
  5. Young Frankenstein
  6. Robin Hood- Men in Tights
  7. Second Hand Lions
  8. Apollo Thirteen
  9. Tombstone
Eight People I Have to Invite to do This Meme: (as if I'd make eight people do this....!)
  1. Tammy
  2. Mamahut
  3. The beautiful Baroness
  4. My Favorite Evil Chef
  5. Felicia's Friend Snooty!

That should do nicely!


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